Couples Club Add On

Add your partner to your membership and take your love life up a notch.

Add a Little Spark to Your Relationship!

If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to ignite your love life, then look no further than Funseekers! Start checking items off your bucket list together today!

We Believe in Nourishing Healthy Relationships

Add your partner to your membership for half the cost of an additional membership and try new experiences, create new memories, and have more fun together! And for a limited time only, Founders Level Members can add the Couples Club Add On for free! That’s right, for the price of one, you get two!

Part of our mission is to enhance, enrich and re-energize the lives of our members by giving them the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, try new things, and have more fun. Keep your love fresh and healthy with new experiences, new friends, and checking off items on your bucket list!

So don’t wait, couples who join together, stay together. Act now and take your relationship to the next level.

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Be part of the ELITE group of FUNSEEKERS FOUNDERS. Hurry—few spots left!

Why Add On?

Funseekers Members with the Couples Club Add On, receive access to add a secondary Member to their Membership! Both Members can attend events, adventures and travel depending on which Club they have signed up for. Our Founders Level Members receive the Couples Add On at no additional cost- that means 2 Memberships for the price of 1! Add Couples access to your Travel Club Membership, Social Club Membership- or BOTH!

Founders Level

Founders Level Benefits

Funseekers has created the Founders Level Membership to honor and reward our first 300 Members in each Social-Club-City for their pioneering vision, faith and belief in Our Clubs, Our Mission and Our Goals, as well as for their bold leadership and commitment to Our Cause—to help kids! At this point in time, there is a very limited opportunity to have the unique privilege of becoming part of this extremely exclusive Founders Level Membership where VIP privileges, perks and rewards will be plentiful and extravagant and will last for a lifetime.

Founders Level Members will be those who have the vision and the initiative to lead the way by joining Funseekers today, thereby joining other like-minded leaders in helping us to build a strong, solid foundation that others can continue to build upon for decades to come. Twenty years from now, these same Founders Level Members will continue to be honored and rewarded for their place in Funseekers history by, what we hope will be, over one million Funseekers Members across America and Europe.

Funseekers Social Clubs will be known far and wide as the club that helps kids and Founders Level Members will have the distinct honor, privilege and pleasure of being part of that exclusive group that started it all. So, join Funseekers today before the opportunity to become a Founders Level Member has passed. You know you’re going to join us sooner or later anyway, so you may as well take advantage of this unique, rewarding and limited opportunity while it lasts. See you around THE CLUB!

Benefits of Founders Level For All Founders Members

  • Initiation Fees Waived for Membership
  • Highest Level Discounts on activities, events and travel
  • Access to our Couples Add On free of charge- 2 for the price of 1*
  • Founders are never charged to upgrade their account as each new Member Level becomes available
  • Founders Level Members will never pay more than what Silver Level Members pay for their annual Membership
  • Access to all Membership Level benefits, perks and amenities

Plus Social Club Members Receive:

  • Access to our Singles Only Add On free of charge*
  • Access to all Membership Level’s Events
  • Special Founders Level Member Events

Plus Travel Club Members Receive:

  • Social Club Access at no additional cost
  • Access to all Membership Level’s Events and bSocial Trips
  • Special Founders Level Member Events and bSocial Trips

*Access to Add On Couples Add On and Singles Only Add on are restricted based on the relationship status you select upon enrollment

3-To-Be-Free Rewards

Our 3-To-Be-Free program, rewards Members who have personally referred or invited three other people who join our Clubs, by paying for their membership. How great is that? So—invite 3-To-Be-Free!

Members are generously rewarded for simply inviting others to join our Clubs and help us grow. As everyone knows, “word-of-mouth advertising” or “referral marketing”, is the very best form of advertising and marketing that a company or a Club can use to grow.

We also give our Members the opportunity to earn Funseekers Dollars just by inviting others to join our Club and help us grow—there’s nothing easier or more rewarding. Here are a few examples of ways Members spend their Funseekers Dollars: gifting membership to someone else, paying for events or Travel, renewing their membership, or even donating them to a children’s charity of their choice.

Membership Levels

Reserve your place in history as a Funseekers’ Founders Level Member, when you decide to become one of the first 300 people, in any of our 40 Social-Club-Cities, to join Funseekers Social and/or Travel Club. Founders Level Members will have the honor and privilege of receiving a lifetime of amazing benefits, as well as a lifetime of prestige, that will be associated with Founders Level Members—for life.

Founders Level Pricing

Join Funseekers Today!

Be part of the ELITE group of FUNSEEKERS FOUNDERS. Hurry—few spots left!

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