Who We Are

The meet new people, make new friends, have fun, party, and travel…all for a cause club.

Social Clubs

offers an exciting and ever-changing array of activities, travel, events and adventures that cater to active singles and couples who are looking to get more out of life. 


are able to meet new people, have more fun and experience more of what life has to offer—all while helping us in our mission to support children’s charities!


all the planning, negotiating, organizing, promoting, and communicating, so all you have to do is sign up, show up and have fun!

We’re All About Access

Funseekers Social Club

Access to Social Events

Receive access to a monthly calendar of 30 to 40 local activities, events, and adventures each month so that you’ll never be bored again or have to worry about planning something new to do. Funseekers Social Club Members have access to an exciting and ever-changing array of activities all planned and organized by our amazing Event Coordinators. There’s something for everyone!

Funseekers Travel Club

Access to Social Travel

Receive access to up to 40 exciting, memorable, unique and affordable bSocial Trips in a fun and safe group travel environment, to destinations all around the world. Visit national parks, local hidden gems, snow-capped mountains, or white sandy beaches with Funseekers—if you can imagine it, we offer it! As a Member you also receive access to our Funseekers Travel Booking Engine to book your own travel at the best rates. Say goodbye to other booking engines and hello to Funseekers!

At Funseekers Social Club, we believe that having fun shouldn’t be reserved for a select few. That’s why we’ve created your all-access pass to the very best in social activities, travel, events, and parties.

Your All Access Pass to Fun, Travel and Adventure!
  • Access to Connect With Others
  • Access to Activities, Events, Parties, Fun and Adventure
  • Access to Join Our Cause to Help Kids
  • Access to Curated, Social Travel – bSocial Trips
  • Access to Save Thousands of Dollars on All of Your Future Travel
  • Access to VIP Toys, Perks & Amenities Nationwide
So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and join us in living life to the fullest! You won’t regret it!

Join Funseekers Today!

Be part of the ELITE group of FUNSEEKERS FOUNDERS. Hurry—few spots left!

Our Mission, Our Cause

We enable our members with incredible opportunities for fun and adventure, while making a real difference in the lives of children in need.

Our Mission

To enhance, enrich and re-energize the lives of our Members by giving them the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, try new things and have lots more fun.

Our Cause

To give our Members the opportunity to experience the great feeling of giving and camaraderie associated with joining thousands of other like-minded Members in having fun and making a very real difference in the lives of children.

Start Living the Good Life

At Funseekers Social Clubs, we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and everyone deserves the chance to start living the good life.

The Good Life

• fun, friends and camaraderie • activities, events and parties • toys, perks and amenities
• joining a cause, giving back and helping others •

With a Funseekers Membership, you can start enjoying all that life has to offer today! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start living your best life with Funseekers. We can’t wait to see you on our next adventure!

Reserve your place in history

Funseekers is excited to offer our exclusive Founders Level Membership to the first 300 members in each of our 40 Social-Club-Cities.

Funseekers is excited to offer our exclusive Founders Level Membership to the first 300 members in each of our 40 Social-Club-Cities. This membership will honor and reward those with the pioneering faith, vision & belief in supporting what we stand for.

Funseekers Social Clubs will be known far and wide as the club that helps kids and Founders Level Members will have the distinct honor, privilege and pleasure of being part of that exclusive group that started it all.

Founders Level Members will enjoy an exciting array of VIP privileges, perks, and rewards that will last a lifetime. This is a limited-time offer to be part of something truly special—so don’t wait, sign-up to become a Founding Member today and join Our Cause to help kids!

So reserve your place in Funseekers history today and join an exclusive group of pioneers who are helping us spread fun, happiness, and excitement across the globe!

Founders Level Lifetime Benefits

  • Initiation Fees Waived for Membership
  • Highest Level Discounts on activities, events and travel
  • Free Couples Club Add-On benefit – 2 for the price of 1*
  • Free Membership Upgrades For Life
  • Membership Renewals at Silver Level Price for Life
  • Access to Highest Level benefits, perks and amenities
Plus, social club founders receive access to:
  • Reserve their spot for only $100 until we reach 300
  • Members in their Social-Club-City
  • Our Singles Only Club Add-On free of charge*
  • All Membership Level’s Events
  • Special Founders Level Member Events
Plus, travel club founders receive access to:
  • Social Club at no additional cost
  • All Membership Level’s Events and bSocial Trips
  • Special Founders Level Member Events and bSocial Trips

*Access to add Couples Club Add-On and Singles Only Club Add-On are restricted based on the relationship status you select upon enrollment.

3-To-Be-Free Rewards

As everyone knows, “word-of-mouth advertising” or “referral marketing”, is the best form of advertising and marketing that a company or a Club can use to grow.

Therefore, Funseekers created our 3-To-Be-Free Rewards program to reward our Members for personally referring or inviting others to join Funseekers.

So, when a Member simply refers or invites 3 other people who join, that Member is rewarded with a free Membership—how great is that? So, help us grow and reward yourself by inviting 3-To-Be-Free!

And, when Members refer or invite more than 3 people who join, that Member is continually rewarded with valuable Funseekers Dollars—the more you refer, the more you earn—and the more people we have to help us support children’s charities—everybody wins.

How Can You Spend Your Funseekers Dollars?

  • Buy a gift Membership for a friend
  • Pay for events and travel
  • Upgrade your Membership
  • Donate them to children’s charities