Social Club

At Funseekers Social Club, we believe that life should be an adventure filled with fun and excitement. That is why we strive to create the ultimate social experience for our Members through a wide range of activities, parties, events and adventures each month.

Funseekers Social Club has something for everyone – meet new people, make new friends
and never be bored again!

Access to Activities, Events, Parties, Travel, Fun, and Adventures

Our extensive monthly calendar of up to 40 events, includes everything from theme parties and movie nights to gaming tournaments and wine tastings.

And as an added bonus, we have Singles Only events specifically tailored towards individuals looking to connect with other like-minded people in a safe and fun environment.

Funseekers Activities, Events, and Adventures

We understand that your time is precious, so our amazing Event Coordinators do all the planning, negotiating, organizing, promoting, and communicating to create spectacular experiences. All our Members need to do is – sign-up, show up and have fun!

Member Favorites

  • BBQ’s
  • Picnics
  • Fish Frys
  • Parties at Local Events
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Comedy Club Nights
  • The Zoo
  • Festivals
  • Happy Hours
  • Movie Nights
  • Fine Dining Nights
  • Karaoke
  • Limo Scavenger Hunts
  • Membership Drives
  • Pub Crawls
  • Volunteer Days
  • Renaissance Festivals
  • Sunday Brunches
  • Murder Mystery Dinners
  • Casino Nights
  • Theme Parks
  • Theme Parties
  • Wine Tasting Events
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunts
  • State Fairs

Holiday Theme Parties

  • Christmas Gala
  • Fourth of July
  • Halloween Costume Party
  • Labor Day Bash
  • Mardi Gras Costume Party
  • Memorial Day Lake Party
  • New Year’s Bash
  • Oktoberfest
  • St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawl
  • Thanksgiving Potluck
  • Valentine’s Day Ball

Outdoor Sports

  • Flag Football
  • Softball
  • Golf Tournament
  • Sand & Water Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Biking
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Paintball
  • Roller Blading
  • Polo
  • Archery
  • 5k-10k Runs

Indoor Sports & Activities

  • Bowling
  • Ice Skating
  • Rock Climbing
  • Laser Tag
  • Racquetball
  • Roller Skating
  • Volleyball
  • Wallyball
  • Tennis

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Fresh Water Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Houseboat & Yacht Parties
  • Hunting
  • Lake House Parties
  • Rafting – Canoeing
  • Kayaking – Sailing
  • Target & Skeet Shooting
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Skiing & Tubing
  • Wave runners

xTreme Adventures

  • Bungee Jumping
  • Hang Gliding
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Mountain Biking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Scuba Diving – Certification
  • Skydiving
  • Snow Skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • White Water Rafting

Group Trips & Travel

  • 2 to 4 Day Getaways
  • 5 to 7 Day Vacations
  • Exotic Beaches
  • Snow-Capped Mountains

Cultural Events & Tours

  • A Night at the Opera
  • A Day at the Arboretum
  • Ballet – Theater
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • Broadway Plays
  • Jazz Under the Stars
  • Concerts
  • Museum Tours
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Summer Musicals
  • The Symphony

Indoor Game Nights / Tournaments

  • Billiards Tournaments
  • Ping Pong Tournaments
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Board Game Mania Night
  • Charades Night
  • Dart & Domino Tournaments
  • Chess Tournaments

Sports Watching Parties / Tailgating

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • The Olympics
  • Auto Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Boxing

Learn Something New

  • Cooking Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Planning
  • Massage
  • Nutrition
  • Self-Improvement
  • Tennis & Golf Lessons
  • Flying Lessons

Take a sneak peek at our Social Events Calendar!

Social Connections & Camaraderie

Socializing offers many benefits when looking for true companionship in your social world.

However, the idea of building long-term connections with others can seem like a daunting task. Everyone is so busy in their day-to-day lives these days that few have the time and energy to do all that it takes to make plans to connect with others.

Funseekers offers an environment where you can connect on an emotional level in a safe space where friendships may flourish in a stress-free entertaining environment.

Whether you’re looking to meet new people and make new friends, explore new interests, or simply have a great time with like-minded individuals, Funseekers has everything you need to live life to the fullest.

Join Our Cause to Help Kids

Funseekers is committed to giving back and making the world a better place for kids by partnering with some of the top children’s charities.

As an active member, you have opportunities for charity events as well as membership drives or fundraising work – all of which will leave that great feeling inside when helping others! By joining Funseekers, you too can experience that great feeling of giving back and helping others, as well as the camaraderie associated with joining thousands of other like-minded Members in having fun while making a very real difference in the lives of children. Join Funseekers, join Our Cause and help us help kids!

Have Fun and Live Life Like a VIP

Picture this: you’re living the VIP life. You don’t have to worry about a thing because everything is taken care of for you. You can just sit back and relax while someone else handles all the details.

Funseekers offers its Members exclusive VIP concierge services, VIP treatment, VIP privilege, VIP specials and VIP access to the hottest night clubs in town, the best restaurants in town, the best seats, those hard-to-get event tickets and the privilege of never having to wait in those long lines again.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself and have fun. That’s what it’s like when you live like a VIP!

3-To-Be-Free Rewards

Funseekers created our 3-To-Be-Free Rewards program to reward our Members for personally referring or inviting others to join Funseekers.

So, when a Member simply refers or invites 3 other people who join, that Member is rewarded with a free Membership – how great is that? So, help us grow and reward yourself by inviting 3-To-Be-Free!

Share the Club with all your friends in just a few clicks! We give our Members access to multiple sharing tools and content, making it easy to have your friends join in on the fun! So, help us grow and reward yourself by inviting 3-To-Be-Free!

Don’t miss out! Get Ultimate Access as a Founders Member

Looking for a way to enjoy exclusive perks and rewards while supporting a great cause? Look no further than Funseekers’ exclusive Founders Level Membership! Funseekers is excited to offer our exclusive Founders Level Membership to the first 300 members in each of our 40 Social-Club-Cities. This membership will honor and reward those with the pioneering faith, vision & belief in supporting what we stand for.

Founders Level Members will enjoy an exciting array of VIP privileges, perks, and rewards that will last a lifetime.This is a limited-time offer to be part of something truly special – so don’t wait, sign-up to become a Founding Member today and join Our Cause to help kids!

So reserve your place in Funseekers history today and join an exclusive group of pioneers who are helping us spread fun, happiness, and excitement across the globe!

Founders Level

  • Initiation Fees Waived for Membership
  • Highest Level Discounts on activities, events and travel
  • Free Couples Club Add-On benefit – 2 for the price of 1*
  • Free Membership Upgrades For Life
  • Membership Renewals at Silver Level Price for Life
  • Access to Highest Level benefits, perks and amenities
Plus, social club founders receive access to:
  • Our Singles Only Club Add-On free of charge*
  • All Membership Level’s Events
  • Special Founders Level Member Events

*Access to add Couples Club Add-On and Singles Only Club Add-On are restricted based on the relationship status you select upon enrollment.

All Funseekers Memberships are annual memberships. They are payable annually, quarterly, or monthly.

View Payment Schedule:

Funseekers Social Club Membership Levels

Join Funseekers Today!

Be part of the ELITE group of FUNSEEKERS FOUNDERS. Hurry—few spots left!

The Adventure Savings Club

Funseekers Adventure Savings Club is here to help you plan for your future adventures! Our Adventure Savings Club rewards its members by allowing them to purchase Funseekers Dollars at a discounted rate and save those dollars for upcoming events and adventures. We believe in making attending events easy and accessible to all of our members, so we make saving effortless to facilitate our Members to have more adventures.

Adventure Savings Club allows you to save with little effort and be rewarded while doing so!

“My friends had been ranting about Funseekers for a while, so I decided I wanted to be a part of this club too. I was nervous at first, as I had never joined a social club before. Plot twist- I have felt nothing but excitement since I started attending their events! There is so much to do that my friends and I are never bored at home anymore.”

– Alex B.

“Funseekers is awesome! I was tired of dating apps and not meeting very many quality people. I wanted to meet people in a way where we could make real connections. I have met so many people that I have now made friends with and the community here at Funseekers is like nothing else in my life.”

– Brandon D.

“I joined Funseekers Social Club as a single mom, with limited availability and I wasn’t giving myself a lot of TLC recently. I originally joined to add to my social life, try new things and treat myself. There is always something planned, and I love the minimal effort on my part that it takes to go have fun now.”

– Megan M.

“I had never heard of a social travel club like Funseekers before. My boyfriend and I are typically more reserved but have been wanting to go on more adventures as one of our goals. We joined Funseekers Travel Club and were so impressed at the quality of trips offered. We don’t have to do anything but sign up, show up and have fun. Their itineraries are so flexible- when we want to split off from the group we can! We love the people we have met and traveled with during out time in this club.”

– Mary M.

“My wife and I joined Funseekers Travel Club because all of our friends seem to have conflicting schedules with ours. We have really enjoyed meeting other people who want to go on the same adventures as we do. We can’t wait for our first trip with the people we have met in this club.”

– Coleman S.

“When I first heard of Funseekers I had no idea how much they offered. I am so excited to be a founding member of this club and see what the future holds with this community.”

– Brad M.

“Now that I have joined Funseekers I have so much to do! There is always something going on and I have truly enjoyed being a part of this club. I have met so many different people and I love the group of friends I have made.”

– John D.

“Funseekers is a great way to meet new people, get out and do things, and try new things. I have found that people who are new to the area love being a part of this club as they get to meet people local to Dallas too. Most of the events are free to attend and are still quality events. I love our Event Coordinators!”

– Julie B.

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