Can I join both Funseekers Social and Funseekers Travel Club?

Yes, the option to be a Member in both Social and Travel Club is available to all of our Members! Just select both clubs when you are applying for Membership, and once you join you will be considered a multiple club member and have access to both Clubs! Any member can choose to sign up for both upon joining or add on the additional club after they have signed up!   

How do I receive an invitation to apply for Membership?

Simply reach out to the Club Member/Ambassador/Influencer that referred you or invited you and ask them to send you an invitation to apply. You can also request an invitation directly from our website by clicking Join Now, or if you received an invitation from anyone on our amazing team you can use that link as well! Once you have your invitation to apply you can then complete your Membership application using the link you received via email. Hopefully, you will be one of our first 300 Members in your Social-Club-City, which will automatically qualify you as a Founders Level Member! 

How many toys, perks & amenities will our Club have as we grow?

The sky’s the limit as more and more Members means more of everything: more toys, perks and amenities; more activities, events and parties; more travel destinations and getaways; more fun, friends and romance; more excitement and adventure; more prestige and purchasing power; more of the good life and, most importantly, more opportunities to further our Cause to help kids.  


To give you an idea of why we say and mean “the sky’s the limit” and “the more the merrier”, consider these facts: once we have just 2000 Members, we will have the purchasing power to secure over $4 million dollars’ worth of toys, perks, & amenities for our Club then, once we have 5000 Members, we can secure over $10 million dollars’ worth of toys, perks and amenities for our Club then, once we reach 20,000 Members, which should take around one year, we can secure over $40 million dollars’ worth of toys, perks, & amenities for our Club and our Club Members – think about that for a while!  

Is this why Funseekers asks Members to invite others to join our Club?

Yes, as you can see, more Members means more of everything for everyone involved; more for our Club, more for our Members and, most importantly, more for our Cause, which again is why we say, “the more the merrier”.  

Will we have our own Country-Club type facility?

Yes, a Club House will be one of Funseekers many amenities. Once we have 2000 Members we will lease a lavish, resort-style house to temporarily use as our Club House. Then, once we have reached 5000 Members, we will begin the process of building our own extraordinary Club House to fulfill the needs, dreams and desires of our entire group of Club Members – with something in it to accommodate everyone’s wish list and exceed everyone’s expectations!  

How much does it cost to become a Member?

First of all, it’s really not a cost, it is truly an investment. An investment in you, in your social life, in your lifestyle and in a Club in which you become an owner, because all Funseekers Club Members are also Club Owners. That’s right, when you join, it becomes our Club – how great is that? Check out our Social or Travel Club pages for Membership pricing!

Are there advantages and benefits for Founders Level Members?

Absolutely. As a Founders Level Member in the Original 300 Founders in your Social-Club-City you will receive exclusive privileges and benefits reserved only for Founders Level Members, which you can read about in our Founders Level section, but trust us, you will want to be one if you can, so don’t delay, join today!

What is “3-To-Be-Free”?

Once a Member has personally referred or invited three other people who join our Clubs, Funseekers rewards that Member  by paying for their membership. How great is that? So – invite 3-To-Be-Free!

What are Funseekers Points?

We believe in rewarding our Members for everything they do. Our Funseekers Points program allows Funseekers Members to receive points for their participation, that can then be used towards events or trips! A few examples of actions that will grant our Members points: attending an event or bSocial trip, rating an event, having your suggested event posted on the calendar, or volunteering to host a Funseekers event.

Will I have an online profile other Members can see?
Yes, Funseekers provides our Members with the ability to search for activities or travel partners within our system. As a Member you will fill out an activities and/or travel profile to let us more about what you are interested in. This helps us fill our schedule of events and bSocial Trips we know our Members will love, while allowing us to help you connect with other Members who have similar interests. 


When will we officially launch events in each Social-Club-City of Funseekers?

We will have an official launch party for each city as soon as we enroll our 300th Member in that Social-Club-City and we hope that will be very soon, as we are counting on each and every new Member to help us grow very quickly by inviting others to join our Clubs and our Cause – our Cause to help kids!

What happened once we enroll our 300th Club Member?
We party like rockstars at our official launch party – an elaborate, fun and exciting event to celebrate the beginning of something very special for all of us, something that we hope will continue for the next 200 years, something we can all be proud of for making a positive difference in the lives of our Members and in the lives of all the children we will certainly help. You will receive an email notification letting you know once we are ready to launch in your Social-Club-City!  
Will Members have access to other Funseekers Social-Club-Cities?

Yes, absolutely! We expect to have Funseekers Club Social-Club-Cities in over 40 of the most desirable cities across the country and all Funseekers Members will have total access to each and every Social-Club-City across the country.

Can I suggest events for the club to participate in?
Yes, we want our Members to be involved in suggesting new and exciting activities, events and adventures for our Club to participate in! As a Member you will have the ability to submit event suggestions- whether that is an idea for an event or an existing event you are hosting outside of Funseekers! Our Event Coordinators will review all event suggestions and work to incorporate them into our calendar, we love to cater to our Members!  


Can I suggest bSocial Trip ideas?
Yes, we want our Members to be involved in suggesting new and exciting destinations and trip ideas for our Club to participate in! As a Member you will have the ability to submit trip suggestions and destination suggestions! Our Travel Coordinators will review all trip suggestions and work to incorporate them as a future bSocial Trip, we love to cater to our Members!  
Can I purchase personal travel through Funseekers Travel Club?

Yes, Funseekers Travel Club Members have access to search and book their own travel through the Funseekers Travel Booking Engine. As a Member you have access to the best deals on travel through your Funseekers Membership. Don’t want to plan your own travel? No worries, we have up to 40 bSocial Trips available for you to just sign up, show up and have fun!


Is Funseekers a singles club?

Yes and no. Funseekers Social Club and Funseekers Travel Club are meant for both active singles and active couples. Our Clubs will probably have a 50/50 mix of singles and couples. Members have the option to receive access to singles only events and travel with our Singles Only Add On! Quite candidly, we truly aren’t aware of a better place or a better way for singles to meet other singles for fun, friendship and romance! Additionally, Couples have the option to add our Couples Add On to add a secondary Member to their Membership!

Can I only attend Singles Only events?
No, all of our Members have access to our events calendar, but as a Member with our Singles Club Add On you can attend our special Singles Only events as well! We provide our single Members access to events catered towards meeting that special someone. Some examples of Singles Only events we offer are: speed dating events, singles mingles, dancing classes, wine tastings, brunches, trivia nights, scavenger hunts and more! We also hold special events featuring guest speakers to teach our Members about love languages, compatibility, and finding that special someone.  
Will I have a Singles profile viewable to other Single Members?

Yes, you can choose to share your profile with other singles in our Club if you wish to do so. We want our Members to be able to connect with other like-minded singles, whether that is at an event, on a trip, or through their Member profile! You can fill out your romance profile in your Member Dashboard to start meeting new singles in the Club today!

Does Funseekers provide compatibility and matchmaking services?
Yes, we pride ourselves in being the All-In-One Club! Members with our Singles Club Add On can choose to participate in our matchmaking services provided by one of the best matchmakers out there! Once you have filled out your romance profile, you will then be able to compare your compatibility with different Singles Only Members that have filled out their romance profiles. We believe in making it easy for our Members to find their perfect match!  


Do couples have to invest twice as much as singles?

No, for a limited time, Founders Level Members can add the Couples Add On for free, which means you get access to the Club two for the price of one. If singles wish to attend singles only events, they have the option to add that feature to their membership as well. To qualify as a couple, the couple must be in a relationship and one or the other must be the Primary Member and owner of the Membership. The Secondary Member can be changed during the one-year term of the Membership, but some restrictions apply.

Can I bring my significant other to attend events of bSocial Trips?

Yes, you can add a secondary Member to your Club access if you have added the Couples Club Add On to your Membership! The secondary Member can attend all events and bSocial Trips that the primary Member has access to.

Do Founders Level Members need to pay for the Couples Club Add On?
No, when you are joining the Couples Club Add On will be added free of charge if you have selected “In a Relationship” during the enrollment process! Only our Founders Level Members will receive this free of charge- one major benefit to being a Founder!  
Will there be Couples only events and bSocial Trips?

At this time, we will be offering general events/bSocial Trips for everyone and events/bSocial Trips specifically for Singles.  Keep your eye out in the future though for Couples only events and bSocial Trips! You can also use the activities or travel partners search in your Member Dashbaord to find other Couples to adventure with!


Are Members really rewarded just for inviting other people to join?

Members are generously rewarded for simply inviting others to join our Clubs and help us grow. As everyone knows, “word-of-mouth advertising” or “referral marketing”, is the best form of advertising and marketing that a company or a Club can use to grow. Members that choose to help us grow are called Ambassadors.

Are there any limits on how many people I can have on my team?

No, Funseekers wants Ambassadors to be rewarded for all of the new Members they refer that join our Clubs. When a new Member is referred by an Ambassador and joins the Club, the new Member is considered a part of that Ambassador’s team. Ambassadors will continue to be rewarded for every new team Member referred, and every new team Member referred by their team Members, and so on. There is no limit on the number of team Members you can have!

How can I use my Funseekers Dollars?
All Members have the ability to use Funseekers Dollars on any Funseekers events or travel purchase within their Member Dashboard. You can even save up your Funseekers Dollars and use them to purchase gift memberships for your friends! Want to find more ways to support our children’s charities? Donate your Funseekers Dollars to the children’s charity of your choice.
How do I become a Funseekers Ambassador?

Simply refer 3-To-Be-Free, once you have completed 3-To-Be-Free you will automatically be considered a Funseekers Ambassador and receive access to the Ambassadors Dashboard and sharing tools!


What type of volunteer opportunities are available with Funseekers Social Clubs?
Funseekers has multiple options for our Members to volunteer. Volunteers can sign up to be a Funseekers event host or volunteer with any of our children’s charities. We also incorporate volunteering into many of our events and bSocial Trips as well which you can find in your Member Dashboard.  
How do I become a Funseekers Volunteer?
Simply fill out the volunteer application form within your Member Dashboard. You will also fill out your volunteer profile and let us know which charities or events you would like to volunteer for, and how often you would like to volunteer. You can volunteer once or as often as you are able to!  
What is the time commitment required as a Funseekers Volunteer?
When you fill out your volunteer profile you can let us know how much time you can commit to volunteering. We encourage any Member interested in becoming a volunteer to apply in their Member Dashboard! We appreciate every Member and any level of commitment you can give. You can volunteer only once or as often as you would like.  


How does Funseekers Social Clubs contribute to children’s charities?

We believe it is our Corporate Social Responsibility to support children’s charities in any way we can! All profits from Funseekers activities, events and adventures are donated to charity and a portion of our membership fees are donated as well. We even allow our Members to donate their Funseekers Dollars they earn through our rewards program to a children’s charity of their choice. In addition, our Volunteers Club allows Members to participate in special charity events with our children’s charities.

Why did Funseekers choose children’s charities to support?

The Funseekers Team chose children’s charities as helping children was close to our hearts and allowed us to have the greatest impact in our communities and beyond. By diversifying the children’s charities we support we are able to help children around the world with housing, education, healthcare, emergency response and safety programs.

Can Members suggest new charities for Funseekers to partner with?

Absolutely! We are always looking to grow our network of children’s charities. The more charities we support, the more difference our Club can make – It’s good for our Club, our Members and our Cause! Simply send a suggestion to us via your Member Dashboard.